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Author Spotlight, Excerpt and Giveaway - Terese Thompson, Author of Gods Don't Sleep

Morning, Angels! Oh, how pleased I am to introduce you to a shiny new Young Adult Fantasy novel titled Gods Don't Sleep by T. Thompson. And guess what... it's about vampires! And the God of Temptation who rules them!!! And love!!!!! But I won't say anymore; I'll let you read all about it below. Also, don't forget to enter the giveaway after the excerpt. Ms. Thompson is giving away FIVE FREE copies!!! Winners will be announced on Saturday, January 10th. Believe me, you won't want to miss this one!

Release Date: December 18th, 2014
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

What Others are Saying:

"In her debut novel, Thompson offers a thoughtful, sensitive and modest young hero with a wry sense of humor, a strong moral compass and courage... A genre-busting, surprisingly thoughtful novel..." - Kirkus Reviews

"Graced with engaging, thoughtful characters... GODS DON'T SLEEP is an interesting take on the young adult vampire trend." - Indie Reader

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Here's the Summary:

Bryson Miller is a sixteen-year-old high school student who has already dealt with his mother's death and his father's subsequent alcoholism. When that happened, he adapted. He became the core of the family, making sure that groceries were bought and his sisters stayed out of trouble all while maintaining perfect grades with matching ambitions. Balancing his dysfunctional family life with a shining image became routine. He doesn't view himself as special or even especially unlucky. After all, there are plenty of people in his small town who are worse off. 

What is supposed to be just another normal Friday night, attending his friend Gary's party and keeping Gary out of trouble, becomes a nightmare when Bryson is attacked. In the days that follow, he does what he always does and attempts to adjust... to being a vampire. However, his sire won't leave him or his family alone. What she wants isn't something Bryson is willing to give, and when her threats to his girlfriend get Bryson killed, his soul ends up in the Underworld, ruled by the creator of vampires, the God of Temptation. 

Now Bryson is being asked to work for the god responsible not only for ruining his life but actually ending it. Although given a choice, the consequences for his refusal are far more complicated and far reaching than they seem. When he learns he won't be the one paying the price, how can he say no? 

Gods Don't Sleep is the first book in a planned trilogy. It serves as an origin story for the young protagonist and sets up the action to come.


“Run!” she yelled, but I was already running.
We ran down the block with her in the lead as my lungs burned, and I panted to catch my breath. Only seasons of track practice allowed me to push through. I realized we were running the direction opposite the church, but we couldn’t turn back. I didn’t look behind me as I was too terrified of losing pace.
When we were almost a block away, I heard a scream followed by footfalls behind me.
“Stop,” my sire compelled. I was immune, but Monica’s rhythm changed as she hesitated for a step in front of me. “Stop!” my sire compelled again. This time Monica stood still, and I halted, too. Otherwise, I would have barreled into her. I didn’t have to see her face to imagine the vacant glaze in her eyes.
“Run!” I tried to compel her, but again I failed. I knew I only had one option. I reached out to pick her up, but my sire grabbed my right arm and twisted it painfully behind my back, forcing me to drop Monica’s hand. I strained to look at her over my shoulder. I couldn’t see her, but I smelled that she was covered in blood from the ice chest Monica had hit her with.
“This is between you and me! Leave Monica out of this!” I tried to yell, but my voice came out hoarse and breathless.
For a second, all three of us were still, and I heard the sound of a distant engine approaching. I realized that I had seen no cars or people during the entire time my sire assaulted us. Maybe there was a way out of this if I could just delay for a little longer, maybe help would come.
My sire snarled in my ear. Then, she whispered; her tone completely changed. Her voice was low, almost sultry as she said, “One last chance. Kill her and be free, be elevated. She’s going to die no matter what you do.”
“No!” I spat at her over my shoulder. Monica couldn’t die! I wouldn’t let that happen!
She purred in my ear, “She’s young meat, so delicious. It’d be a shame to waste such blood.” She shoved me a step forward and with her free hand pushed my head down to rest against Monica’s bare neck opposite the bandage.
My heart hammered in my chest, and my mouth watered involuntarily. I didn’t want Monica’s blood! I’m not some sort of animal, dammit! I slouched and whipped my head back as hard as I could. My sire dodged, and I cried out in pain as my arm was twisted further. I struggled to regain my balance.
“I know it hurts,” my sire cooed in my ear. “Just kill the prey, and you can be whole once more. No more pain. No more suffering. Just blood and pleasure again and again. Don’t fight.”
My body went stiff. I was horrified as I knew she spoke the truth or, at least, her version of it. Whoever she’d been before, as Rabbit had said, now she was just a monster. I fought harder to get out of her grasp. My arm felt like I might twist it out of the socket, but I didn’t care. I saw the headlights of the bus that was quickly approaching. We weren’t under a streetlight, but if I was fighting, they’d see as they passed.
My sire seemed unfazed as I thrashed against her. She scolded me, “Fine. I’ll teach you the way you taught me. Being prey will only hurt you.”
I didn’t know what she was about to do, but I knew enough to try to stop her. I felt something in my pocket against my leg as I struggled, and I abruptly remembered what it was. I reached inside, wrapping my mother’s rosary around my hand. I guessed – or hoped that the rosary would hurt my sire as silver hurt me.
As I grasped the beads in my hand, I heard my sire call out, “Step into traffic.”
In slow motion, I saw Monica take a step into the street. The bus was too close. It wouldn’t be able to stop. I punched my sire in the arm with the rosary beads. She cried out and let go. I looked back at Monica, standing in the middle of the street, bathed in light. The bus’s breaks screeched, but they were still going way too fast. I darted into the light, towards Monica, faster than I knew I could move. As I connected with her, I gave her a shove. I stopped in place, almost like I’d hit a wall. She fell through the air, away from the bus. I tried to push forward, to get out of the way.

Ohmygosh... is this the scene where Bryson dies? And what happens to Monica??? Read to find out!!! Enter the giveaway below:

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About the Author:

T. Thompson lives in Northern California and has been interested in writing since she was in high school. She enjoys reading and writing about strong characters, and her favorite stories often involve elements of the supernatural. Her first novel, Gods Don't Sleep, was successfully funded through Kickstarter and is now available on Amazon.

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