Monday, October 20, 2014

The Results Are In!!!

...and I'm thrilled to say that everyone seems to love Iris!!! Iris as in the novella, not necessarily the character. :) She's a bit of an acquired taste, to say the least. Some might say she's downright awful. Beautiful and clever, but awful. lol Anyway... see below for  snippets on what others are saying and don't forget to snag your copy at most major online retailers!!!

Love to all xoxo


"I found myself hating her, feeling sorry for her, loving her, and then hating her all over again... but most importantly I really feel like I understand her now. " - Jessica Smith, Amazon Reviewer

"Iris was an enjoyable read and although they are the bad people in the overall storyline, I liked getting to know them better." - Nomi's Paranormal Palace

"This is a wonderful novella that shows how far one goes for love and how deeply one can love. Shows that family is truly more than just blood and that to protect ones family and make sure they are okay will always come first. " - Hello Booklover, Amazon Reviewer

"Ms. Pierce continues to amaze me with her writing abilities and her creative mind. This book is a must read and I am eagerly waiting for the next installment of this spectacular series." - Tamara, Goodreads Reviewer

"I have to say that the book converted me. I’m still pretty pissed with Iris but I think I have a better understanding of her motives. It also made me consider that if someone I loved was dying and I had the power to stop it…would I do it?" - Fictional BookHos

"It’s well written, with just the right amount of drama and tension to keep you hooked. A definite winner..." - Rhea, Goodreads Reviewer

"This novella is a brilliant addition to the series and definitely adds to the story. Definitely recommended for all fans of the Captivated series." - Merissa, Goodreads Reviewer

And, no... I didn't forget. :) Here's a little something for my Music Crush Monday. I 'm a HUGE Walking Dead fan, and this is from their Season 4 soundtrack: