Monday, December 22, 2014

Music Crush Monday - Christmas Edition!!!

Morning, Angels!!! I'm feeling in the holiday spirit this morning, so for my Music Crush Monday I'll be sharing some nontraditional songs I LOVE. The first is called "Mary" by Patty Griffin. I originally heard this song on the Sons of Anarchy soundtrack, and the words are so poetic and beautiful I fell in love with them immediately. As you can guess by the title, it's of course about Jesus' mother, and really, it would be better suited for Easter since it's ultimately about her losing him, but I can't wait that long so I've decided to share it now. lol

For the second song, we're all (hopefully) familiar with the song "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen (my favorite rendition is Jeff Buckley's). Well... there's a Christmas version out by a band called Cloverton and it's nothing short of amazing. Gave me chills!!!

Lastly, there's a song by Kevin Ross called "This is My Wish." You've probably heard a snippet of it on the Glade commercials, as in Glade candles. I liked it so much I looked up the entire song and wasn't disappointed!!! Once you get past the first few seconds of cheesy product hawking in the beginning, it's so worth it. He has a beautiful voice.

Hope you all enjoy these songs, and may everyone have a wonderful, love-filled Christmas. Love to all!!!


Mary by Patty Griffin

Hallelujah by Cloverton

This is My Wish by Kevin Ross

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