Monday, October 21, 2013

Writing Updates - Captivate Me

      If there were such a thing, I'd say happy Monday. lol So how about Good Morning? :) I'm feeling inspired on this chilly morning to share a blurb from my newest project as well as a song I heard over the weekend by a local indie band, Jimmy Real, who, by the way, is amazingly talented. Not to mention, the moment I heard it I immediately thought of two of my main characters - Kat and Gabriel.

Here's a quick blurb of the first time Kat sees him in her dreams:

Once I had arrived back at our room, shaking but exhilarated, I stripped down to my shorts and tank top and slid into bed.
I laid there, gnawing my lip, twirling the flower between my fingers and thinking of the invisible boy who had given it to me. I moved to lie on my side. Would he bring me another tonight? I should still be thoroughly horrified at the thought of someone sneaking in while Anna and I had slept, but I couldn’t bring myself to feel the same repulsion. If it was, in fact, the boy from the woods, I knew he wouldn’t harm me. And in all truth, if he came again I hoped I would wake so I could feel his presence – his warm, soul-stirring presence. The kind of presence that kept me there with him when any normal person would have run screaming for the school.
With a longing sigh, I closed my eyes.
Despite my excitement, sleep came swift and sweet, scooping me into its arms and carrying me back into the darkness of the woods. I stood in the same spot as before – the open space with flowery bushes. Another form materialized, and I jumped. Black shirt, fair skin – the silhouette from the woods. My invisible admirer.
Except this time, he didn’t run from tree to tree; he stood exposed, allowing me to soak in his beauty, saturating my spirit. He towered over me, which didn’t happen often; I wasn’t a short girl. His eyes twinkled icy blue, the angular attractive lines of his face a divine masterpiece. His chestnut hair had been cropped close on the sides but left longer on top, reminding me of a trendy rock star haircut, but flattering and oh-so-complementary to his porcelain features. And his lips, his supple lips drew into a knowing, heart-stopping smile as he plucked another flower from the bush and placed it into my waiting palm.
Honestly, I could have cared less about the flower this time, I only wanted to feel him – his flawless skin. I reached out for his face with my other hand, and he stepped back, his smile wavering. Persistent, I tried again, and he took a bigger step back. Why couldn’t I touch him? I could see him, feel his presence… but I wanted to experience more of him.
I searched his eyes with a scowl, and his own expression melted into a frown. He didn’t like the distance, either. “What’s your name?” I asked. If I couldn’t touch him, perhaps I could hear him as a consolation.
He only stared back at me, sad and apologetic.
My eyes welled with tears. So not fair.
I looked down to my flower and held it to my chest. When I looked back up at him, he’d disappeared, and a foreign ache pierced my heart in agony. I’d only seen him, really seen him for a matter of a short moment, and he’d left me.
I have to admit, these characters have already settled into my blood. I love them and their unique circumstances, and my hope is that you do too. Love can be unconventional and surprising, which is why I'm so enthralled with their love story. I can't wait to share it with the world! :)
Now for the song; the lyrics beautifully convey a relationship in peril, on the edge of permanent destruction, but the singer desperately pleads with his love that if there is any hope, he won't go. 

Until next time, my loves <3


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