Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Novella- The Alyx Rayer Series! Publishing Date and Summary Release!

I'm SO very excited to announce that I have a concrete publishing date for "A Race to the Finish", A Novella: The Alyx Rayer Chronicles! It will officially be available for sale on Amazon 4/1/2013. The date is later than originally anticipated, but it gives me and my cover artist more time to fine-tune! (Silver linings, right?) :-)

To celebrate, I've decided to also release the summary:

Alyx wasn't the only Angel of Protection charged with the daunting task of transporting her Marked safely to the gateway when they were summoned on that chaos-filled October day. Get to know the other seven Protectors and their gifted humans more intimately as you follow each of their journeys.

(Authors Note: This book is best tackled after reading Book One and Two of the series.)

May not be suitable for YA.

So simple, yet intriguing, I hope! I love all of my books, but this installment was by far one of my favorites to write! My dearest hope is that my readers love it as much as I.

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