Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Alyx Rayer Series is Available now on Barnes & Noble and Smashwords!

I'm SO excited to announce that I've made the decision to publish my books on other platforms! They're still on Amazon, but I've also published to Barnes & Noble for Nook readers and Smashwords! I'm particularly excited about publishing to these sites for two reasons:

One- I'm able to price the first book in the series, Marked for Vengeance, for free! Yes, FREE!!! This gives my series broader exposure and the likelihood that the others books will be purchased/ read. That's exciting for any author! Marked for Vengeance is already in the top two-hundred on Barnes & Noble in the Contemporary Fantasy genre! Woo hoo!!!

Two- Smashwords distributes my books to many other platforms like Kobo, Apple, Sony and many more!

For links to visit these sites, go to the My Published Works tab above.

There is one hiccup, though, unfortunately. If life has taught me anything, its that nothing ever goes as planned! I'm currently waiting for Amazon to price match Marked for Vengeance to free. I hate that my my book isn't available at the same price to Kindle readers as to others! To help speed up the process, and if you feel so inclined, you can visit the Amazon page for Marked for Vengeance here, select "Tell us about a lower price" under the "Product Details " section, and provide them with the feedback.

Thanks and Much Love!


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