Friday, August 23, 2013

Captivate Me Updates!

Oh, how happy I am that it's Friday!!! Another long week has passed, and I'm looking forward to doing nothing... absolutely nothing! Well, maybe some writing and we have a birthday to go to lol, but other than that... nothing.

Speaking of writing, I wanted to share the name of a new character in Book One, Captivate Me, of my new Captivated series. Remember when I mentioned that signing up for my mailing list could get a character named after you in one of my novels? Well, that's exactly what I'm planning to announce today. :) And the lucky Angel is...


And you all know I can't help but throw crumbs at you, so I've also decided to share a passage with her in it:

"To our delight, the game went on forever under the gleaming lights encasing the field. I had almost forgotten about the strange visitor in the woods. Every now and then I’d get a feeling we were being watched, but then someone would make a good play, and I refocused. Now, the game was nail-bitingly close with only ten seconds left. Burgundy – 6, Gold – 7. Levi made his way down the field with the ball, and I found myself holding my breath. Come on! If he could make this goal before time ran out, they’d tie.
Overwhelmed by the moment, I catapulted to my feet with clasped hands. “Go, Levi!” I shouted over everyone’s hoots and hollers.
Another squealing voice caught my attention, and I peered down the isle of bleachers at another girl doing the same thing – clasped hands, starry eyes – as she watched Levi. Her name escaped me, but I remembered her gift – she also was an illusionist. Maybe she and Levi were in the same classes. The spark of jealousy in my heart re-ignited. It was obvious she crushed on him, but what girl in this school didn’t? I couldn’t go around being jealous of everyone.
I peeled my eyes away from her and locked them back on Levi right as he went in for the kill. Ronnie waited at the goal in a protective stance with crazy eyes and a wide smile, his face streaked in gold war paint. Oh… this outta be good. 
With one second left, Levi fired the ball to the goal, but Ronnie moved in its way with an enthusiastic dive and blocked it. Disappointment washed over me, and I fell to my seat with a plop. Crap.
        I couldn’t help but look back over at squealer-girl, and she too looked like someone had just told her that her puppy had died. She pressed her hands over her heart and watched Levi as though she wanted to run out there and console him. A rush of emotions flooded over me – envy and bitterness, but for some reason, also shame. This girl would gladly have him, and yet, here I was… not entirely sure I wanted him yet. I had to rely on a future kiss and more time to figure that out for sure. She would probably marry him today if he asked. I suddenly felt selfish.

       I zeroed in on her high cheekbones, and her name came back to me. Hannah. Her name was Hannah."

And don't worry, the summary will be released soon! Check back or subscribe to my blog for more updates.

Have a good weekend, everyone! Much Love! :)


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