Thursday, October 29, 2015

Blog Tour Day Three - Spectacle

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Favorite Review of the Day:

"Us Girls & A Book"

There is something you should know about this book before you ever begin to read it. DO NOT judge this book by it's cover and beneath the cover there is so much excitement, adventure, love, and devotion that will make you want to reread this book over and over again!

Spectacle grabs your attention from the first page in and does not let up. Once you think you have everything figured out S.J. Pierce hits you with a massive plot twist and you are left wondering what is coming next.

They say this book is a mix between Hunger Games and Avatar, I tend to disagree. I believe it is Hunger Games meets Divergent meets X-Men meets anything you can dream up and more.

I can not say anything about this book cause then it would be giving it away. I will say this; Mirabella (heroine) is going to try to save the people with the blue markings. Does this put her in more danger? Does she have the blue markings since her dad is one of them?

S.J. Pierce is a talented author who gives this world a gift in a book called, Spectacle. This story is written in such intense and great detail that she enables readers to both see and imagine it vividly. Please go pick up your copy today! You will not regret your decision!

Thanks for such an awesome review, Jaci!


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