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Blog Tour Day Five - Spectacle

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I received a free copy of the book from the author for my honest opinion.

The earth was destroyed two hundred thousand years ago by earthquakes. They were so many that most of the land ended up in the ocean. Mira and her family lives in one of the three pieces of land that is left called New America. There are a lot of people where she lives and they are running short on food and supplies. There is a lot of sickness going around and a lot of people are dying. People are starting to lose it and there is a lot of chaos.

Mira learns that her father is not from earth that he is from another planet. Her father and around one hundred thousand people had to leave their own planet because people from another planet came in and took over their planet so they stole their pods and escaped to earth. Where they lived among humans in disguise for many, many decades. No one knew that they were from another planet. They lived and worked among the humans until they couldn’t hide their markings any longer.

Once everyone learned that they had been living with aliens it scared them. They really didn’t know what to do. They didn’t know if they could trust them or not. You would think that if they had been living with them for all these years that they would be no problems. But people are afraid of the unknown and they are also afraid of someone that is different than they are. Instead of trying to get to know them and learn who they are they finally rounded up all of the changers and sent them far, far away to live on an island all by their selves. All because they were afraid of them, they left them there to die. But Mira and her new family and friends fooled all of the humans they learned to adept to the land and how to survive.

Mira missed her mom and dad very much but she had some great friends who helped each other through their lost. Mira learned to hunt for food just like the guys did but she also loved working in her little garden. Everyone on the island had a job to do and they each knew what that job was and they did without any questions. Mira was just as good of a hunter as any of the guys and even better than some. Mira cared a lot for the people she loved and would put her own life in danger before putting one of her friend’s lives in peril. Mira was a strong young woman both mentally and physically. Mira would do anything for one of her friends.

I loved the world that the author created for Mira and her friends. The author drew you into Mira’s life and made you feel as if you were right there beside her wanting to help every step of the way. Mira and Luxxe were two of the best characters who could make you laugh one minute and crying the next. Spectacle pulled you in from the very first page and didn’t let go until the very end. Well ok maybe I am stretching it a little bit there it didn’t let go at the end it is still hanging on making you want more. It has the tendency to make you get lost in its story so deep that you may not find your way back out if you are not careful. In my opinion if like dystopian stories then you are going to love Spectacle. I know I did. I am hooked on dystopian stories at the moment and can’t seem to let them go and Spectacle has made it to my top ten list of dystopian books to read.

Thanks, Nancy, for the wonderful review!


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