Monday, August 25, 2014

"Iris" Release and and Blog Tour Launch... only a week away!!! To celebrate, here's one last excerpt! <3 PS- try and guess who Iris and Kai are stalking ;)

And because it's also Music Crush Monday, I'll share with you again my pick for Iris and Kai. It fits them so well!!!

Love to all xoxo


EXCERPT: Chapter Twenty-Two

I still remember the feeling it gave me when I’d heard him sing the first time; the boy had a voice that could stir emotion inside a walking corpse. Bring someone back to life. We were headed home when his voice, accompanied by the strumming of a guitar, wafted down from an apartment building. I paused, tugging on Kai’s hand to stop. A voice like that could only belong to some divine entity, or an offspring thereof. It both excited and unnerved my dark soul. 
We pinpointed the window it came from and decided to show up again in the morning. We’d wait for him to emerge so Kai could read his aura.
Unsurprisingly, when the boy left the next day heading for his first day of school, Kai confirmed my suspicions. Silvery threads were woven throughout his aura. He was tall with light brown hair and soulful, sparkling eyes. But he had a way about him, something almost sad and tired to be so youthful and drop dead gorgeous. Like he was trudging through life. Going through the motions. I could tell life in general weighed on him. He needed a change.
A spark of hope ignited inside me. This was the one.
Cloaked in a spell, we followed him that day through the halls of Centennial High. We assumed since he was posing as a senior that he was beginning a new decade in this town. Then it would be off to college, if he chose, or he could continue to work at his dead end job until it was time to move on again.
No wonder he was so sad. He’d probably just moved here over the summer, and this was the beginning of his next ten-year sentence.
The boy mostly kept to himself, ate by himself… but by choice. It was obvious he had every girls’ attention; though it appeared their curiosity about the mysterious model-like boy was in no way reciprocated. I think if he could have camouflaged himself to blend in with the walls, he would have.
After school, he went to a typical high school kind of job – Frederick’s record store. Fitting considering his talent. I couldn’t imagine they paid much, but he had to make a living somehow. My guess was his parents, or parent, had passed some time ago. He was on his own.
Here, being surrounded by other music-lovers, he seemed to have perked a little. He even whistled as he organized a new shipment of vintage records. He inspected one before tucking it away – a Beatles’ album – and smiled to himself, changing the tune of his whistle to their song “Yellow Submarine.” Working here must have been the highlight of his day.
At his apartment that evening, we were able to pick the lock and sneak in. Luckily he was showering so we were able to take our time looking through his things. Unframed, hand-painted art hung above his threadbare sofa. They looked amateur at best; probably local artists. No other pictures were anywhere to be found - a good sign. He had no attachments. The contents of his fridge confirmed his bachelor lifestyle – Chinese leftovers and beer bottles littered the inside.
While Kai and I waited around to get a blood sample, the boy's doorbell rang. I threw Kai a puzzled look, mirroring the one the boy wore. Late night visitors couldn’t have been the norm.
The boy muted the TV and set the takeout container he was eating out of on his makeshift coffee table. Old books served as the base, and he’d placed a sheet of black oval-shaped glass on top.
Shuffling to the door, he threw on a t-shirt and ran a hand through his damp hair. He peeked through the peephole, stiffened with surprise, and then sighed. Whoever it was, he wasn’t thrilled about it. He opened the door anyway.

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