Monday, July 7, 2014

Music Crush Monday!!!

In case you guys didn't know, I'm a bit of a music head. :) I come by it honestly; my father used to sing and my younger brother produces music in Nashville. I guess you could say we all have our own little talents. But talented or not, music touches every one of us in one way or another. It inspires and provokes. It lets our emotions breathe. Also... you all know how I LOVE making playlists for each book.

So with that being said, I've decided to share a song with you every Monday that speaks to me for whatever reason. It doesn't even have to be associated with my writing. It could be what's going on in my life at the moment or something that touches me just right.

Today's song is called "Peace" by O.A.R. I love their sound - a mixture of Passenger and Train, but unique in their own way.  And the song itself.... beautiful. Who hasn't had trouble in their relationship but loves the other enough to make it want to work? 

Everybody needs a place, somewhere that's warm and safe
For shelter from this crazy world we're in
But tonight I let the rain inside, I took away your place to hide
I'm sorry that I made you cry again

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