Monday, July 14, 2014

All Things Iris!!!

A month and a half... A MONTH AND A HALF! That's when Iris will grace the e-book shelves of the interwebs!!!! So in a very premature celebration, I've decided to put together a little post... ya know, in case you aren't familiar with who this woman is. :)


******Spoiler Alert!!! If you haven't read Captivate Me, do so immediately. :) If you have, please continue******

Eye Color:

There's a lot of unique things about Iris LaRoux, but the most obvious at first glance is her peculiar eye color. Kat likens her eyes to "polished amethysts" in Captivate Me.


In Captivate Me, Kat also describes Iris as being the "most beautiful" of the hybrids in the woods, and as you know, hybrids are known for their beauty since they're half angel. So in other words, for Iris to be the most beautiful, hers is near revolutionary. 

So where did Iris and her sisters get their good looks? In Iris, Iris hints at a possible explanation:

Rumor had it us LaRoux women had made a deal with the devil long ago for our notoriously good looks. Maybe we did, maybe we didn’t.

(Actress Kristanna Loken. To see other actors/ actresses I've chosen to play certain characters in Captivate Me, click here


In Captivate Me, Iris never talks about her roots. She's an intensely private person... with good cause. ;)  The only hint we get in Book One as to where Iris came from is her Southern accent. In Iris, we learn she shares a mansion-like home with her two sisters, Rose and Lilliana, in a town called Brandon, Mississippi. 

Love Interest:

Iris and love - unless it's the love of a family member - go together like cats and bath time lol... that is, until a Jamaican stud named Kai came along. But even then, because of a tear-stained past with another man who'd broken her heart, it took Kai awhile to smash through her tough exterior. In Iris, we get a glimpse of just how hard that was for him to do. Good thing for him he's just as stubborn and persistent as the woman he was pursuing... just in a sweeter way. :)

(Actor Lance Gross)


In Captivate Me, we meet a sweet southern lady named Iris, who cares for the hybrids so much she'd do anything to protect them. But we come to learn that's not who she truly is. At all. In Iris, we get a better look into her dark little soul and what she truly is... a b*tch. lol

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