Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Updates on Iris - Novella to The Captivated Series

For those of you who've read Book One of the Captivated Series, you're well aware who Iris is. For those of you who haven't, Iris is, well... she's a lot of things. She's beautiful, has a strong presence and unbreakable family ties. She'd do ANYTHING to ensure the ones she loves stay alive. I'll leave it at that. :)

But Iris is so much more than what we see in Captivate Me; the depth of who she is isn't fully explored in those pages. Since it's written in first person from Kat's perspective, we don't get much background on Iris and only a glimpse of her true self. That's why I decided to give her a novella set before the events of Book One. I want people to see who she is and where she came from, and I knew if her back story intrigued me to the point of fleshing one out for a novella, my readers would be interested in getting to know her, as well. At least that's my hope! The novella also explores her relationship with Kai, her love interest, as well as her sisters and others in her life, some of which aren't mentioned in Captivate Me. For instance, there's an elderly butler named Claude she has a love-hate relationship with and banters with him on a daily basis. Here's an excerpt:

I found the bottle of red wine in the living room and took another pull. “Why bother drinking from the bottle at this point?” Claude quipped. “Let’s just get the nurse to hook you up with an IV.”

I set the bottle down with a loud, pointed thud. “Right after he delivers some old man diapers to your room.”

I can't help but laugh every time I read over it. lol

I also want to throw out another bread crumb... I'm feeling generous today! :) Here's the summary. And oh yeah... September 1st is the official release date!!!

***This book is meant to be read after Captivate Me***

Set before the events in Book One of the Captivated Series, Iris explores the depths of family bonds, new bonds, and the lengths a person would go to save the life of a dying sibling. In this novella, get to know Iris and her two sisters more intimately, as well as Gabriel, the first angel-human hybrid who agrees to live under her protection.

Recommended for readers 16 and up due to mature content.

Much Love xoxo

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