Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Cover Reveal Date, Official Publishing Date, and Gift Card Winner!

Morning, Angels!

Despite the single-digit temperatures down here in Atlanta, I have a little something that may warm you - news on the cover reveal and publishing date for Captivate Me!!! As my beautiful and very talented sister-in-law works on it for me, I've arranged for Giselle at Xpresso Book Tours to organize my cover reveal on Monday January 27th. That's a mere three weeks away! :)

What's a cover reveal, you ask? And why would I need someone like Giselle to coordinate it for me? A cover reveal involves an unlimited number of book bloggers who sign-up to showcase my book cover and summary on their website. This way I can reach a broader audience in anticipation for the release. Giselle, being a book-blogger herself, has these well-coveted connections to the blog-o-sphere and takes care of every minute detail. That's priceless for an indie author with limited time/ resources. Besides, it's neat. :)  So if you have a blog, and would like to sign-up to be a part of the cover reveal, follow the link below:


Also, I now have a firm publishing date for Captivate me - April 1st, 2014. Which, coincidentally, is April fools. lol No connection, I promise. :)

Now... on to the gift card! As you know, once a year I give away a $50 Amazon gift card to a lucky angel for signing up for my mailing list. When you sign up for said mailing list, not only do you get the chance to win Amazon gift cards, you also get the chance to have a character named after you and a free copy of my novels on release day! For more details, click on the "Join My Mailing List" page at the top of my site.

This year's $50 gift card winner is GLENN P! Congrats, Glenn!!! :)

Love to all,


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