Thursday, October 24, 2013

Jimmy Real Band - Kickstarter

Calling all Angels!

As an indie artist, I understand the challenges facing publication and distribution to the masses. You have this part of you to share, a big part of you, but need the funds. And I have to admit, I'd never heard of Kickstarter until I learned a band I'm growing to love is using it as a way to raise money for their newest project. What a novel concept - to give others an opportunity to invest in your dreams. As a "backer", you could be a part of something big. Something real. Not only that, but as a "backer" you receive perks in return for your donation. For instance, if you pledge $10 or more, you'll get a digital download of the EP and a free advance copy of a single. So not only are you investing in a dream, but you get the final product of that investment, which is something you would go out and buy anyway once it was released. I might just try this myself for future novels.

Now, I normally wouldn't post anything like this, but listening to their music, you know immediately that it's not a recycling of everything else that's out there to simply make money. It's evident in their lyrics and passion in their performance that this music is an extension of their soul. There is nothing I understand more than that either. When you truly devote yourself to your art with the purest of intentions, it resonates with those you share it with. That's something worth investing in, if you ask me. We need more of that in every avenue of entertainment.

So what am I asking of you guys? Yesterday I'd posted an update about my newest novel, along with a blurb and one of Jimmy Real's music videos, I Won't Go. Take a minute to listen, and if it moves you the way it moved me, visit their Kickstarter page to watch another video of their lead singer, James Shealy, talking about his reasoning for using the website and his passion for what he loves doing most - making music that is real. And if you're like me, you'll pledge, hold your breath, and pray they make it to their goal. I'm sure I'll be checking it everyday until Thursday, November 28th. lol

Much love, my Angels, and God bless the artists that are fulfilling their purpose in life and blessing those around them by sharing their gifts with the world.


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