Friday, April 12, 2013

Had to Share! Destined for Fire Update!

I have officially typed the words, THE END! And I have to admit that I teared up! I feel such a sense of completeness and finality. I can't WAIT to share with all of you the final conclusion of the Alyx Rayer Chronicles. It will still be weeks before Destined for Fire is fit for public consumption, though. I just had to spread my joy! :-)

And, as always, I can't part without throwing a crumb or two, so I've decided to share the table of contents! Just as it is with my book titles, I'm very choosy on the words I use to represent what each of the chapters hold.

Prologue: Little Hope
Chapter 1: Angel on Fire
Chapter 2: Hanging by a Thread
Chapter 3: Into the Night
Chapter 4: An Unlikely Alliance
Chapter 5: Sinister
Chapter 6: Still Waters
Chapter 7: Blood-stained Teeth
Chapter 8: A Familiar Voice
Chapter 9: Intoxicated
Chapter 10: Prayer for Direction
Chapter 11: Savoring a Moment
Chapter 12: Watching from Above
Chapter 13: Bittersweet
Chapter 14: Destiny of Flames
Chapter 15: Absolute Precision
Chapter 16: Armed with Words
Chapter 17: Reinforcements
Chapter 18: Heavenly Sacrifice
Chapter 19: (Too revealing. You'll have to wait until August! Sorry!)
Epilogue: (Too revealing. You'll have to wait until August! Sorry!)

Love to all! :-)

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