Friday, January 18, 2013

What an Inspiration!

I usually don't post about things like this, but what I saw last night moved me to tears!

As I settled down to watch TV before bed, my remote stopped on the American Idol auditions toward the end of the show. Their last contestant was a man named Lazaro Arbos who's originally from Cuba. My first impression of him was "wow... handsome" and he had such a sweet spirit about him.

When he began introducing himself, you could tell he struggled with a speech impediment (it brought to mind when I watched the King's Speech, but a lot worse) and it broke your heart to watch him standing there in front of the judges and millions of viewers, vulnerable and humble. I found myself rooting for him, wanting so badly for him to blow them away with his singing... and boy did he ever!

See the video below to see what I mean! It just further proves how therapeutic and cleansing music is for the soul. Amazing.

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