Monday, July 14, 2014

Music Crush Monday!!!

Right now I'm in editing mode. I've sent copies of Iris out to beta readers and my editor-slash-miracle worker Lana Baker. When I get the copies back, I go into "the zone" as my man calls it... and when I go into "the zone," there's no coming back. Unless I have to pee. lol Even eating and sleeping take a backseat. So what happens in "the zone," you ask? I'm not even entirely sure, but I can liken it to trudging into a forest with  a dense overgrowth of typos, missing words and inconsistencies, and using a machete to try and hack it into something pleasant and consumer-worthy. :)

Part of this editing ritual is something I haven't shared with many people, but now I'm sharing it with you. When I sit down at my desk and pull up the manuscript Lana has painted with a good deal of red, I crank up whatever rap artist I'm feeling at the time on Pandora and start swinging my machete (the figurative one). I guess it fuels me up and makes me feel tough! LOL

Recently, it's been either Eminem or Drake, so I'm posting one of my favorite songs from each artist below. Beware explicit language, of course.

Enjoy :)


Eminem, Not Afraid

Drake, Started from the Bottom

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