Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Cover Reveal Day!!!!

Let me just tell you... Let me just tell you!!! I LOVE this cover. So simple, yet dark and unique and beautiful. Once again, Brittany nailed it. Have I ever mentioned how incredibly blessed I am to have her? :) Maybe just a few hundred times. lol And as with all my covers, everything on it has meaning. The smoke is a more literal part of the story than it is symbolic; if you read the Epilogue of Captivate Me, you'll see Iris and her sisters use it to communicate. Here's an excerpt from Lilliana's point of view:

I collected the red velvet sack from my purse and lifted a marble from inside – one of Iris’ creations to help us communicate from any distance. Once broken, red smoke curls out, creating a rippling, translucent screen and lets us talk face-to-face in real time. It only lasts around ten minutes, but that’s all I needed to confirm all was well. 

Iris' smoke is, of course, violet like her eyes. Each sister has a signature color.

So without further ado, see the cover below! Iris is set to be published September 1st, 2014.