Sunday, May 31, 2015

Meet the Characters - Spectacle

Time to play the who I'd cast for the movie game!!! See my choices for Spectacle below.



 It's no secret that I'm a Walking Dead fan, but I didn't intentionally fashion Mira around the actress who plays Beth in the wildly famous zombie series on AMC, she just happens to favor her. I did, however, immediately think of Emily Kinney when I considered who I'd want to play Mira if the book ever made it to the big screen. Ha! I can dream, right? Though she's half Changer, Mira is fair-skinned with light blue eyes and blonde hair. She also exudes innocence with undercurrents of strength. Emily would be a perfect fit.

(Mira's best friend)
 Changers by nature are tall and broad with olive skin and dark hair/ eyes. They're also gorgeous. Slap some dreads on a tanned Gregg Sulkin and he'd be a perfect fit. Not to mention those lips!!!
Excuse me while I drool.

Jackson/ Jacks
(Mira's other best friend)
Dark, messy hair, glasses and a sweet disposition, Asa Butterfield is my number one pick!!!

(Luxxe's best friend)
 Tyler Posey screams Cole - he has those typical Changer traits, squinty eyes and... well, he looks pretty dang good with his shirt off.
(Luxxe's not-so-likable girlfriend)
She's nauseatingly striking with dark hair and piercing eyes. Lucy Hale, you'd be my ideal Taylor!!!

 (Mira's human love interest)
Mira describes him as having cropped dark hair, green eyes and bushy eyebrows. She's also so drawn to him that she hates herself for it. But look at him... can you blame her? Dave Franco would rock the role of Garrett.

Like who I picked? Do you have someone else in mind for the role of Mira, Luxxe or Jacks? Leave a comment below! I LOVE to hear from my readers!!!


  1. OMG!!! Just finished this book and am obsessed! These actors are SO perfect for the character roles in the book, 100% agree with you. I have one question though, if your book became a movie who would you want to produce/direct it? Again love your book it is AMAZING!!!

    1. Thank you, Emily Allen! I'm thrilled that you loved it, and great question!!! I would say Richard LaGravenese, the Director for Beautiful Creatures, or someone like Zack Snyder or David Fincher. I love the grittiness and edge they bring to the films they direct.