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Meet the Characters of "Captivate Me" - Perfect Casting

Time to play the “who I’d cast in the movie-version” game! The last go ‘round, I’d posted post-publishing, but I couldn't help myself. :) Spring is just too far away!! Don’t worry though, I didn’t spoil anything... so feel free to check out my picks for each character below.

And if there's someone YOU had in mind, or think would be a better fit, leave a comment below! I love hearing from my readers! :)

PS- Just typed THE END! Woo hoo!!!!

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 Kathrin - goes by Kat

She’s a well-balanced blending of her mom and dad – she has her mom’s raven hair and flawless skin, and her dad’s green eyes and taste in art and music. Because it’s also in her genetics to be ‘gifted’ like her father, her gift is telekinesis. She’s also strong-willed and smart, but her curiosity gets the best of her. I thought Jenn Proske (with green contacts) would be a perfect match for her character, not only because of her dark hair, but like Kat, she has a natural, unassuming beauty.


I chose Liam Hemsworth al la The Last Song because of his blonde-tipped hair and all-American boy looks. He can rough and tumble with the guys on the soccer field, but he also has a sweetness about him – like you expect him to be carrying around puppy at all times just in case you’d want to hold one. He’s the guy every girl wants, every guy likes, and you’d feel comfortable bringing him home to meet your parents. Levi's gift is illusion – he can make you see what he wants with a touch of his hand.

Gabriel - goes by Gabe

This is the boy Kat sees in her dreams. He has an edge to him, but is indisputably gorgeous. Almost too gorgeous. Angelic ;)  Douglas Booth was an obvious pick, right down to his chestnut-colored hair and the shadow of whiskers running along his jawline that she describes in the book as making him look "distinguished. sexy."


One of the first friends Kat makes at Midland Pines. I chose Candice Accola because of her light hair and eyes. Sarah actually has grey/silvery eyes in the novel, and her gift is reading thoughts.


Sarah’s boyfriend and close friend of Levi’s. He’s also on the soccer team, and his gift is shape-shifting. As soon as I saw Jake Abel's headshot, I knew he’d make a great Dawson.

Anna-Grace – goes by Anna

Kat’s dorm mate and is new to the school like her. She has fiery red hair and a sweet disposition, two things that come across in this photo of Galadriel Steinman. Anna is an elemental – can conjure/ manipulate either earth, air, fire or water. Hers is fire.


He’s also one of Levi’s soccer buddies and is usually the life of the party. He’s an elemental, as well – his is air. I chose Drew Roy because of his dark hair and devious look in his eyes – so Ronnie.


Ivy is Sarah’s dorm mate and also a friend of Kat’s by association. She’s from India and is also a mind reader. When I saw this picture of Ayesha Takia, I thought she’d fit right in with the girls.

** The characters below are introduced about midway through the book, and for the sake of not giving away the plot, I’ll be as vague and non-spoilery as possible about who and what they are. **


She's in her thirties and has fair hair and skin; her eyes are a deep purple. There’s an intensity to her beauty and personality that almost makes Kat uncomfortable at times. This photo of Kristanna Loken screamed Iris!


Iris’ love interest. He’s Jamaican and has the gift of reading auras. In the novel, Kai has dreads. When I envision Kai’s face, I see Lance Gross - ebony skin and attractive.


Defined by her dark, pixie-like haircut and outgoing personality. I fell in love with the idea of Emily Browning playing Piper. If this novel ever made it to the big screen – pipe dream, I know lol – I’d champion for her.


Piper’s boyfriend with long coppery hair that he ties back and an attractive, scruffy face. I immediately thought of Cam Gigandet a la Twilight… all the way down to his leather jacket.


Kat nicknames her Barbie when she sees her because of her perfect figure and classic beauty. Diana Agron would have to dye her hair auburn, though – an easy fix.


Aubrey’s boyfriend that Kat refers to as a beast. He reminds her of Ronnie because of his coloring, but beefier. Robbie Amell is perfect.


Kat describes him as being almost too pretty to be a boy with his round lips and dark lashes, but she imagines that, like Levi, most girls would swoon for him. He's the only one in this group without a partner. Max Thieriot struck me as a killer Raymond.


  1. Omg yes I love all the characters this is exactly how I imagined them! And I love your books I can't wait to read more!!:)

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