Saturday, November 16, 2013

Book Review - "Snowbound" by Blake Crouch

Released: Dec 22nd 2012
Genre: Mystery/ Thriller
My Rating: 5 Stars
I typically don't review other authors' work unless I like it enough to give it five stars; it's just a thing of mine. And there are few books I actually give five stars. This one deserves it!

"Snowbound" is the second book I've read by Blake Crouch, and I'm officially a fan. A big fan! As far as mystery/ thrillers go, in my opinion, he's one of the best. There are books I like well enough to hold my attention and might finish in a few weeks, and there are books I can't put down and will finish in a matter of two days. His books are those books for me - I devour them. I put my own novels on hold for them. His writing is straight forward, richly textured and gritty. He keeps me hooked from the first page, and by the time I've read the last sentence, I've bitten my nails into tiny ragged stubs. "Snowbound" was no different. And did I mention he's a master of plot twists?? Well done, Mr. Crouch! Off to buy "Wayward", his newest novel... and to go get a manicure. ;)

PS- His stories are not for the squeamish, so consider yourself warned!!!
Here's the summary via Amazon:
For Will Innis and his daughter, Devlin, the loss was catastrophic. Every day for the past five years, they wonder where she is, if she is—Will’s wife, Devlin’s mother—because Rachael Innis vanished one night during an electrical storm on a lonely desert highway, and suspected of her death, Will took his daughter and fled.

Now, Will and Devlin live under different names in another town, having carved out a new life for themselves as they struggle to maintain some semblance of a family.

When one night, a beautiful, hard-edged FBI agent appears on their doorstep, they fear the worst, but she hasn’t come to arrest Will. “I know you’re innocent,” she tells him, “because Rachael wasn’t the first…or the last.”
Desperate for answers, Will and Devlin embark on a terrifying journey that spans four thousand miles from the desert southwest to the wilds of Alaska, heading unaware into the heart of a nightmare, because the truth is infinitely worse than they ever imagined.

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