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******I'm no longer taking review queries.******

First... THANK YOU for checking out my site!!!! I love visitors. :) Second, I'm thrilled you're interested in sending me a review request. I hope to have the opportunity of reading and reviewing your work! As an indie author, I know how important reviews are for selling your novel and purchasing ad space. I also enjoy reading and supporting other indies. So it should come as no surprise that I'm now accepting review requests and posting said reviews on my blog, Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and any other site requested. I'll also promote on Google Plus, Facebook, and my mailing list. Fair warning, though; I'm pretty picky about what I choose to read. I already have minimal time as it is to work on my own novels since I have a full time job, kids, etc, etc, so I will only be accepting books that meet certain criteria. If I do choose to review your work, I'll write a detailed review like this one here and will include purchase links, a summary of your book, your bio, and whatever type of giveaway you would like to do (if any). I also want to note that I won't post a review with less than three stars. If it's anything less than that, or I couldn't finish your book, I'll email you to let you know why. Because, after all, constructive criticism is a writer's best friend.

Lastly, I don't have time to post a review per day, or even a post per week, so I'll only be posting a review per month (another reason I have to be selective). To view the books I'm currently reading, go here!

So without further ado, here's my criteria. 

Please note I will NOT consider books outside of the genres mentioned below. I will also delete your email if it doesn't contain what I ask for. 

Genres I'm Interested In:

Fiction Only!!!

YA and Adult Paranormal, Sci-fi (light), Dystopian and Fantasy (light). YA and Adult Horror, Thriller and Mystery. New Adult will also be considered. Elements of romance are fine and encouraged. No erotica, but mild to heavy adult content (violence, language and sexual content) is fine as long as it serves a purpose within the story. My current obsessions are angels, witches, zombies, ghosts, aliens and anything post-apocalyptic.

Will consider chick-lit, cozy mysteries, and contemporary romance if the premise is interesting enough.

NO historical fiction.


If you haven't hired an editor, please make sure your manuscript is edited to the best of your ability. Do typos happen? To the best of us. But if there are constant, glaring typos on every page, I can only assume you don't take pride in your work, so I won't be asking to review it. Also, your email should contain "Book Review Request" in the subject line along with the genre, title of your book and the approximate word count. (For example: Book Review Request - Paranormal Romance, Captivate Me, 70,000 words)

Please attach your cover to the email (jpeg). And if your book isn't already published, attach a sample of the first five pages (Word or PDF).

In the body of your email, I want three things:
1) Book Summary
2) Bio
3) Links to the eBook sites where you want me to post my reviews.
(Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, etc)

Note: If your book isn't published yet, please state that in your email. I'll always accept an ARC (advance reading copy) and will try to work with you on posting my review on the book's release date.

Book formats accepted:

I like to read electronically and own a Kindle Fire, so a PDF is preferred. Kindle gifting and Smashword coupons work too. I'll  accept hard copies, as well. If your book is FREE on Amazon, paste the link into the body of your email below your bio, and if I accept your review request, I'll snag it there.

Email me at for queries! I look forward to discovering your work!!!


Due to the volume of requests I receive, I can no longer reply to every request. I'll only reply if interested. PLEASE REMEMBER, IF YOUR EMAIL DOESN'T CONTAIN THE ABOVE CRITERIA, IT WILL BE DELETED AND YOU WILL NOT HEAR FROM ME AT ALL.

******I am not affiliated with a publisher and am in no way paid for my reviews, so please don't offer. I read because I enjoy it. I will also not swap books with an author, so please do not ask to review a book of mine in exchange for a review of one of yours******

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